Qualtrics launches operating system for experience data management

At the core of XMOS are three interconnected services: XM Directory, iQ, and xFlow.

Qualtrics, the newly public experience management software maker that's majority owned by SAP, is releasing a new platform that aims to serve as the operating system for experience data management. With XMOS, Qualtrics said companies can use data to design experiences that attract and retain customers and employees.

At the core of XMOS are three interconnected services: XM Directory, iQ, and xFlow. Together, Qualtrics said these services help companies create rich customer profiles and analyze responses to detect trends and gaps via one unified system. 

On a more granular level, the XM Directory functions as a single database for customer and employee experience data that's accessible to the entire organization. The data in the directory can be augmented with operational data like annual spend, tenure, or last purchase from customer data systems.

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The iQ service functions as the predictive intelligence engine that automatically chooses the right statistical test and data visualization and then translates the results into plain language. Meanwhile, the xFlow is a set of rules and workflows that enable companies to collect experience data and act on it from inside other enterprise systems such as Salesforce, Slack and Zendesk. 


"XMOS helps companies design new ways of working by listening to their employees and acting on their feedback, so they can attract and retain the best talent, increase employee engagement, and improve productivity," the company said in a press release. "It also helps them use customer feedback to design the products, services, and experiences that their customers want next, resulting in decreased customer churn, increased lifetime value, and reduced cost to serve."

The platform news is timed with Qualtrics' WorkDifferent virtual event taking place this week.