Quest Software debuts AttachThis for managing SharePoint

Quest boasts that AttachThis can help IT administrators better manage SharePoint accounts from a centralized platform.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Quest Software has launched AttachThis, a new tool that could drive up adoption of SharePoint -- or at the very least maximize existing investments in the Microsoft collaborative software.

Essentially, AttachThis is designed to enable Microsoft Outlook users to take advantage of SharePoint without changing their desktop context. In addition to the new tool, SharePoint experts at Quest identified three reasons why IT needs to take the reins to help drive SharePoint adoption.

Quest Software reps have outlined three reasons as to why IT should take the reins by using AttachThis to drive SharePoint adoption:

  • IT needs to take a more active role in SharePoint governance.
  • Users are turning more towards unauthorized collaboration tools without IT managers' knowledge.
  • SharePoint is techinically a social platform so it could drive social collaboration.

Overall, Quest boasts that SharePoint adoption will be driven up even further because administrators can utilize AttachThis to manage accounts and security as well as perform analysis on how SharePoint is being used by employees.

Quest AttachThis is available immediately as an Microsoft Outlook add-in.

Quest Software was acquired by Dell earlier this month for $2.4 billion after a long bidding war this year. The Southern California-based company will play a major role in Dell's ongoing software strategy.

During a media presentation in San Francisco on Thursday, John Swainson, president of Dell's software group, explained that Quest's "diversified portfolio" will provide a platform foundation that includes tools for performance monitoring, data protection, and managing for user workspace, identity and access permissions, and Windows servers.

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