Questions about iPhone video conferencing

The front-facing camera in the 2010 iPhone begs a number of questions about Apple's rumored video conferencing service.

Now that we know for certain that the upcoming iPhone has a front-facing camera there are a number of questions that it raises. (My guesses in parenthesis).

  • Does the inclusion of the front camera mean that Apple will finally unveil a native iChat application for the iPhone? (Why yes. Yes it does.)
  • Will it include video conferencing? (Of course, but only on the iPhone HD.)
  • Will third-party VOIP apps (like Skype, Fring, iCall, Line2, etc.) also be allowed to stream video? (Probably, but it might take a while for their updated apps to get approved.)
  • How will AT&T/Verizon handle the billing? (By charging a lot, that's how.)
  • Will video conferencing be included in the unlimited (*cough* 5GB) data plan? (You're kidding, right?!)
  • Will the crush of video data bring the creaky AT&T network to its knees? (Yes. Yes it will)
  • How will the Verizon network prevail? (It will prevail)

Photo: Gizmodo

How would you answer the above questions?


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