Quick! Snap a photo with your volume button (update: it's gone)

There's a new app that contains a previously banned modification to the behavior of the iPhone's volume buttons. If you like such things you might want to buy Quick Snap while you still can.
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor

MacRumors notes that there's a new app available in the App Store that contains a previously banned modification to the behavior of the iPhones volume up and down buttons.

Previously, camera apps (like Camera+) were removed or rejected from the App Store for mapping the shutter release function to the iPhone's hardware volume buttons. Apple called it a violation of Apple's terms due to the potential for confusing users.

Quick Snap - Camera Plus ($1.99, App Store) was released on December 15 and Wired's Gadget Lab noted that it had the banned feature. What's more, the previously-banned shutter mapping is prominently mentioned in both the app description and screen shots (pictured).

Here's the description:

Turn iPhone Volume Button into a Shutter Button? "Quick Snap" is the app for THAT!

Why choose the soft or full screen shutter when you can use VOLUME BUTTON as the hard shutter button on your iPhone? You are now one step close to the real digital camera experience! Isn't that awesome?

There's no question that shooting with the volume key is easier than finding that tiny button on the screen. If you agree you might want to grab Quick Snap while you still can. I'm giving the sleeping elves in Cupertino until about 5:00pm PT before someone throws the kill switch...

Would you find shooting with a hardware button useful? Should Apple include this feature in the stock Camera app?
Update: QuickSnap is no longer available in the App Store. I hope that you got it while it lasted.

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