Quotes of the Week - 5-9 August

"We haven't seen demand for the 150MHz Mobile so we're going straight to 166." - Notebook PC vendor AJP's John Ioannou on the latest and not so greatest Pentium.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

"There are some issues with the chip but we're not overplaying our cards. We're saying: 'Will there be a performance gain? Yes. Will it be very much? Hmm.'" - Gateway 2000's John Shepheard on the same chip.

"We hope to be competing hard in the market from the first quarter of 1997. We've definitely got our CAD hat back on." - Compaq's Hugh Jenkins gets bullish on Compaq's return to the workstation market.

"They'll find that it's not just a case of having hot tin. Relying on another company for your operating system (OS) could lead to long lead times. Problems may not get fixed until the next OS release. It's not the 80 per cent of problems, it's the other 20 per cent where you need access to your own source code." - SGI's Martin Baines on Compaq's NT-based strategy.

"It depends on how long Compaq's nerve holds. It's not something you're going to make a profit on this year, next year, or even the year after. Unless they're in it for the long term, they'll fail." - Sun's Chris Sarfas on Compaq's downside.

"If you were an IT manager looking for the most solid company, who would you choose - Digitalor Compaq?" - Sun's Sarfas on Compaq's upside.

"MMX will be very useful but it won't be a substitute for fast graphics cards or modems. It's not what was first mooted but I expect it will be very useful for games." - AMD's Richard Baker plays down MMX.

"It was a slight hiccup and not really a big deal." - Mark Hassall, Windows NT Server product manager on the late, late security bug spot.

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