Quotes of the Week, August 8-15

"I pretty much had given up hope that the Apple board was going to do anything. I didn't think the stock was going up". - Steve Jobs admitting he had earlier sold all but one share in Apple.

"We're looking to replace the Compaqs, Dells and IBMs in corporate UK." - Tosh's Murray McKerlie on desktop prospects.

"We're fully aware of the dangers: that's why we totally separate development teams. CorelDraw 8 is right on target for an October release." -Corel boss Mike Cowpland on potential NC distractions.

"This is the beginning of the next generation of the Web." - Microsoft's Cornelius Willis on the MS, Netscape, Marimba, Lotus backed push standard.

"DVD-RAM is sampling, but if all firms don't agree [on a standard technology] it could delay products by six to nine months. My understanding is this essentially takes that product outside, and it can't be called DVD-RAM. Our position is [the original] DVD-RAM will be first to market." - Panasonic's Richard Todd on the DVD-RAM standards fiasco.

"Somehow, this announcement got out, we don't know how. Sony will probably make announcement later this month." - Sony spokeswoman on the same topic.

"HP and IBM have very much suffered at our hands." - Compaq's Hugh Jenkins on the firm's big share in servers.

"Proper enforcement of existing laws would boost consumer confidence in buying goods and services via the Internet." - Consumers Association on the Internet.

"If you take a PC page and put it onto a TV normally, it would look absolutely appalling. - Acorn's Mark Phillips on Web/TV hybrids.

"It's a follow up. We wouldn't have done this if they hadn't hit us in the way they did." - Intel spokesman on the countersuit slapped on Digital.

"Intuit promises to stand behind our products and customers." - Intuit's Tony Macklin on the firm's buggy tax software.

"We'll also be looking to tempt new readers who may never have seen The Star in print but have a taste for beer, footie... and totty, of course. There won't be any metaphysics or literary reviews unless Eric Cantona does his memoirs." - Daily Star on the launch of its Web site.