Quotes of the Week, December 2-6

"Compaq is well on its way to becoming one of the top three computer companies in the world by the year 2000." - Compaq's Vesey Crichton, confident about the company climbing up from fifth place.
Written by Arif Mohamed, Contributor

"In Germany and the UK we expect the [videoconferencing] market to double in units by end of 1997 in the business desktop area." - Intel's Steve Roberts on the rise of videoconferencing.

"What counts is the number of developers. We don't need cash, we're not making silicon. In software, all you can do with cash is put it in the bank. At the end of this quarter we'll have more cash than at the beginning." Corel's Michael Cowpland on the software business.

"The differences between Java and Windows will be less and less. Most people are on the side of the open Internet. It's moving so fast it's hard to tell. Who would have thought a year ago that Java would be where it is today?" - Corel's Cowpland on Java versus Windows-based machines.

"It's not as feature-rich as the regular suite but it's lighter." Corel's Marc Benglia on its Office for Java.

"It reads HTML, but we want at least animated GIFs." - Microsoft's Jeremy Gittins on the Pocket Internet Explorer, intended for use with Windows CE devices.

"We're speeding along the Intel technology curve. In the old days customers would step up in technology. Now they jump because they know it's a false economy to buy at the low-end." - IBM's Richard Chapman.

"We can develop a new protocol version of a server in four weeks and bring it faster to market than Netscape. I don't believe they have the talent for e-mail systems. And we're not going to have much of a problem beating [Lotus] Notes." - Groupware company ArcSoft's Scott Welch fighting fit about its Internet/intranet mail package.

"They're using it for a serious application here, in field service." - Grey Cell's Marsden on its £470,000 GSM card deal with British Gas.

"I want to break down this orthodoxy that the right database comes from the operating system vendor. The right database is the best one. To say their price performance is better is pure spin doctoring." - Oracle's Robert Bruce on Microsoft's high claims about SQL Server.

"One of the things happening this Christmas is the huge sale of PCs with integrated modems. Due to this, we think there will be a second wave [of subscribers] in January or February." - The recently-launched Virgin Net's Martin Keogh on the road to success.

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