Quotes of the Week, October 21-25

"This is not a futuristic concept. The basic technology that could enable these applications in the vehicle is here today." - Intel VP Ron Smith on putting Intel chips into cars.
Written by Arif Mohamed, Contributor

"There are no similar panels around which allow the same connectivity. You don't need bright sunlight. Normal daylight is enough." - John Vivian, sales manager for Kiss, which has produced the first solar panel for notebooks.

"If it's not looked into by us, it may well be by the Office of Fair Trading." - Oftel on the Cable & Wireless Mercury, Bell Canada, Nynex and Videotron mega-merger.

"We welcome this. We would prefer there to be big players who compete equally because it could change the whole issue where BT and Mercury are restricted to operating only in telephony rather than both entertainment and telephony." - BT on the Cable & Wireless merger.

"AMD has taken a lot of criticism for delivering late and I'd be the first to agree with that ... but the engineering execution is excellent now." - AMD's Richard Baker on AMD 133MHz and 166MHz chips coming late to market.

"We want to have a Post-it Software Notes dispenser on every desktop in the world." - Annie Lexcellent, 3M market development manager on 3M's new Post-it Notes software.

"It'll happen at some point. It could be five years from now. We'll live by the letter of the law." - AOL's Jonathan Bulkeley on the inevitability on UK ISPs including VAT in their pricing structures.

"We have no real control over how they will react. We need to move quickly as the market opportunities are there." - Kodak's Andre Rignon on the authorities who will decide whether FlashPix will become a universal image standard.

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