Quotes of the Week, October November 18-22

"We have more people working on Java than anyone else on the planet." - Larry Roshfeld on Lotus' plans to release more Java-equipped applications.
Written by Arif Mohamed, Contributor

"IBM has more people doing R+D than Microsoft has employees. They also give us a lot of money. They also leave us alone." - Lotus SmartSuite product manager Rob Ingram.

"That's blatantly not true. There will be a standalone version 4.0 release for 32-bit Windows platforms and it will then appear in other platforms." - Microsoft's Martin Gregory slaying rumours that IE 4.0 will be rolled into 5.0.

"Visual computing will become part of the PC, just as video and multimedia have." - Intel's Andy Grove speaking at Comdex.

"We are somewhat disappointed with our earnings." - Lewis H Platt on Hewlett-Packard's net earnings which were down following its withdrawal from hard drives.

"It's designed to be so easy to use that even I can use it." - Richard Branson on Virgin Net, launched this week.

"I'm talking low volume and at this sort of price, I'm happy to sell 10 at a time." Trident's Mike Burke on selling the largest commercial TFT LCDs for £5,000 apiece.

"[Comdex visitors] here are kind of 'so what?' about 56Kbits. They're tired of proprietary standards. With USR you can buy it quickly with a software upgrade but what are you going to have to do when there's a standard? USR in everybody's opinion jumped the gun. To us [USR's announcement] was just a marketing deal." - MutliTech spokesman on the race to push modems up to 56K.

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