"I Can't Believe This!", Arab Air and other virus variants

Virus variants continued : VBS/Loveletter.j to .m
Written by Robert Vamosi, Contributor


  • Alias:Unnamed
  • Subject: Virus ALERT!
  • Body: Same as g alias "Virus ALERT!"
  • Attachment: protect.vbs
  • Notes: Appears to be a variation of Loveletter.g alias "Virus ALERT!"
  • VBS/Loveletter.k

    • Alias: Unnamed
    • Subject: How to protect yourself from the ILOVEYOU bug!
    • Body: Here's they easy way to fix the love virus.
    • Attachment: Virus-Protection-Instructions.vbs
    • Notes: Still being researched.
    • VBS/Loveletter.l

      • Alias:"I Cant Believe This!!!"
      • Subject: I Cant Believe This!!!
      • Body: I Cant Believe I have Just Recieved This Hate Email .. Take A Look!
      • Attachment: "KillEmAll.TXT.VBS"
      • Notes: Replaces .gif and .bmp files, and hides .wav and .mid files. It also copies KILER.HTM, KILLER2.VBS, KILLER1.VBS to the hard disk.
      • VBS/Loveletter.m

        • Alias:"Arab Air"
        • Subject: Thank You For Flying With Arab Airlines
        • Body: Please check if the bill is correct, by opening the attached file.
        • Attachment: KillEmAll.TXT.VBS
        • Notes: Replaces .dll & .exe files instead of .jpg & .jpeg and copies no-hate-FOR-YOU.htm to your hard drive.
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