Rackspace expands into the U.K.

Rackspace will launch two cloud efforts in the United Kingdom, one focused on SMBs and another targeting enterprise hybrid deployments.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Rackspace on Wednesday said that it will expand its operations in the United Kingdom to focus on small and midsized cloud services built on VMware and Xen architecture.

The company said it is looking to be an early mover in the U.K to offer public cloud computing infrastructures.

Among the two primary cloud projects:

  • Rackspace will offer SMB cloud services built on the Xen hypervisor. This service is a mirror image of what Rackspace provides in the U.S., but served from its U.K. data centers.
  • The company will also offer a new enterprise private cloud service based of VMware technology. These cloud services are designed to cater to hybrid cloud implementations, which are VMware's sweet spot in many respects.

In its latest quarter, Rackspace said its customer count increased by nearly 10 percent during the quarter, up from 90,925 to 99,486. Total server count increased from 56,671 servers to 59,876 during the quarter.


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