Rackspace survey suggests the hybrid cloud model has won the game

Private or public cloud? A new report suggests IT decision makers are determined to obtain the best of both worlds.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Rackspace has published a new report suggesting that IT managers don't want to decide between public and private cloud schemes.

The more likely answer is that they want both.

The cloud and IT hosting service provider surveyed 400 enterprise IT decision makers across the United States and the United Kingdom.

The first major takeaway lesson was that the hybrid cloud turned out to be the preferred deployment choice for 60 percent of the enterprises surveyed.

On top of that, 60 percent of respondents also said that they are mulling whether or not to move certain applications or workloads partially or completely off the public cloud because of limitations or benefits of other platforms.

While pointing out that the survey results mirror what is going on internally at Rackspace right now, CTO John Engates explained in the report that companies typically begin with a public cloud, a private cloud or dedicated servers, but they later realize they need the benefits of the multiple cloud hybrid environment.

Those with a higher number of apps (more than 10) in the cloud were found to be more likely to use hybrid cloud models (84 percent of this group) than those with fewer (under 10) apps in the cloud (69 percent of this group).

Thus, it's not surprising that one of themes most commonly cited as to why hybrid was selected over the public cloud was security -- namely wanting more control and reliabilty for managing workloads and applications.

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