Raise taxes? On gasoline? How about mothers' milk?

Are these guys serious? A federal commission may urge the U.
Written by Harry Fuller, Contributor

Are these guys serious? A federal commission may urge the U.S. to raise the tax on gasoline. The commission's report is due out in late January after Dick Cheney has left town. None of these commissioners will ever get a free lunch in Washington or Houston, ever again. They say the money should not encourage folks to travel some way besides private car, but would give the government money to maintain highways and bridges.

The commission wants a dime more federal tax per gallon of gas and at least 12 cents per gallon tacked onto diesel. That's a no-brainer, as in thoughtless, because modern diesel is both more energy efficient and less polluting, but this is about getting more money for the highway lobby. Meanwhile, vehicle emissions in the U.S. account for roughly one-third of the nation's greenhouse gas emissions.

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Drivers in Georgia can be proud of their government. Four cents per gallon is being knocked off the state gas tax there. Despite the fact that the state's transportation department is deep into deficit spending, the motorists who use the highways will pay less. Surely they cannot grumble when roads crumble. Besides all those saved pennies will be a huge stimulus to the state's consumer economy. Save 'em up and buy a can of beer every two months.

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