Raspberry Pi gets 'Pidora' optimised Fedora remix

A new version of Pidora has been released to take advantage of the Raspberry Pi's hardware.
Written by Sam Shead, Contributor

A new Linux for the sub £25 Raspberry Pi mini-computer has been released by the community behind the Fedora project.

The Fedora Remix — dubbed Pidora 18 (Raspberry Pi Fedora Remix) — is a combination of software packages from the Fedora Project mixed in with other software.

The Remix, which has been optimised to run on Raspberry Pi's hardware, was produced by the Seneca Centre for Development of Open Technology (CDOT) in Toronto, Canada.

"It is based on a brand new build of Fedora for the ARMv6 architecture with greater speed and includes packages from the Fedora 18 package set," CDOT said.

The two previous versions of Pidora — Pidora 17 and Pidora 18 — were not optimised for the ARMv6 architecture.

The Remix runs on either the XFCE or LXDE graphical user interfaces and includes open-source applications for image editing, such as Gimp, and word processing, such as Abiword.

The OS is compatible with python, ruby, perl, basic (brandy), and bash. 

The OS can be downloaded onto an SD card from here and plugged into any Raspberry Pi device.

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