Razer acquires Nextbit, Robin smartphone sales halted

Last year Nextbit launched the innovative Robin Android smartphone. It has just been acquired by Razer and will continue to operate as an independent entity within the larger company.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Back in 2015, an ex-HTC executive and a couple ex-Googlers launched the Nextbit Robin on Kickstarter. The rebel in me had to have one so I was one of the first to order and then receive the unique midnight color Nextbit Robin.

After nearly a year of selling the Nextbit Robin, Nextbit made a major announcement today with the news that it is joining the Razer family.

The Nextbit Robin and accessories are no longer being sold through Nextbit channels, but it will fulfill warranties for six more months and promise software updates and security updates for another year, until February 2018.

Nextbit will continue to operate as an independent division within Razer so it is possible we could see some kind of gaming hardware in the future. I always thought we would see a company interested in advanced cloud storage management acquire Nextbit so I am a bit surprised by the gaming-focused Razer acquisition.

Nextbit Robin first impressions: Cool Electric color, pure Android UI, unique storage scheme

The good thing about a company like Razer purchasing Nextbit is that Nextbit will now have more resources to continue development of its technologies. Given the major price cuts on the Nextbit Robin over the past year, I was a bit concerned about the longterm viability of the company.

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