Razer to dispense masks in Singapore via its mobile wallet

Games hardware manufacturer says it will provide free surgical masks to Singapore residents through 20 vending machines located across the island, which can be accessed via Razer's mobile wallet app.
Written by Eileen Yu, Senior Contributing Editor

Razer plans to provide free surgical masks to Singapore residents through a network of 20 vending machines located across the island, including in shopping malls. Users will need to download the games hardware manufacturer's mobile wallet, Razer Pay, to collect their free masks -- limited to one per resident in the country aged 16 years and above. 

The vending machines are scheduled to be deployed by June 1, with more expected to be added at other locations "shortly". Razer said in a statement on Tuesday. The first batch of 20 machines will be placed at malls of Frasers Property Retail as well as JustCo co-working centres located in or near the Central Business District.

These two organisations were amongst the first to commit to purchase $50,000 worth of masks from Razer's first locally produced batch

To access their free mask, users will have to download the Razer Pay app, available on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. 

Razer said it would be running beta tests of the app and vending machines over the coming weeks with a select base of users and ahead of its June 1 rollout. To participate, users must download the mobile wallet app and verify their account to sign up for the mask collection beta programme. This process may take up to one working day, according to Razer. 

Upon approval, a QR coupon code will be issued. Users will need to scan this code at a vending machine, the locations of which is listed on the app, to receive their free mask. 

Razer said an estimated five million masks would be issued through its initiative. 

The games hardware maker added that it had partnered local manufacturer Sunningdale Tech to set up an automated mask production line here in 24 days. Running at full capacity, the production line can produce up to five million masks a month. Razer said it was looking to expand this monthly capacity to 10 million masks "soon".  

The masks are produced under Razer Health, which the company said is licensed by the Health Sciences Authority of Singapore to manufacture medical devices and comply with the Bacterial and Viral Filtration Efficiency test requirements recommended by the US and European healthcare authorities. 

Razer's fintech arm Razer Fintech in January applied for a digital bank licence in Singapore, leading a group that encompassed an array of partners from various verticals to target the youth consumer segment. If successful in its bid, the games hardware maker said it would create a "global youth bank" to deliver its products and services.


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