Ready for a rise?

Here's a book review at's a new book on sea level rise.

Here's a book review at's a new book on sea level rise. This book does point to the public policy debate that is needed: what to protect, where to retreat? Of all the mainland nations on earth Netherlands has the most to rising oceans. How they meeting the threat? They ARE planning ahead. The Dutch have decided it is cheaper to begin acting now to raise levees and enhance other flood prevention measures. Waiting for the possible flooding could be far mofre expensive, they reason. Here's the complete Dutch Delta Commission report on preparing for global wamring sea level rise. This would cause serious twitching along coastal America: the Dutch intend to strictly enforce zoning and planning in flood-prone coastal regions. Much sand from below the sea will be used for building dikes and enhancing ocean beaches--nonw of this willbe done without prior consideration of the effects. Sounds like the Netherlands intends to confront the future clear-eyed.


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