Real-time interactive business reports

With visual data discovery tools, decision makers will get better insights of their businesses through real-time interactive reports.
Written by Imelda Tan, Contributor

With visual data discovery tools, decision makers will get better insights of their businesses through real-time interactive reports.

An IT solutions and services provider, which has customers in Myanmar and other countries in the Asia-Pacific region, announced its partnership with a global provider of visual data discovery solutions. Businesses are getting more visual than presenting with infographics.

Most organizations already have experience in managing structured data, which is typically organized in rows and columns and is relational. But most organizations are still trying to understand how to analyze unstructured data, such as social media text and multimedia content, and semi-structured content, such as data in XML format.

The Datawatch Visual Data Discovery solution, available for a free trial is able to produce reports based on a combination of sources of structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data, which can be in real time. Correlated and timely reports are far more useful to business decision makers than reports from isolated data sources at fixed schedules.

Data discovery software is not only smart enough to offer typical analysis of your data, you can also interactively decide what and how to analyze your business data and get the report immediately, presented visually. Dynamic reports with self-explanatory images are more useful to businesses than static reports of fixed format. Business leaders can potentially make decisions before they finish filling in their work request forms to their infocomm departments to tweak the existing reports.

I observed that large organizations, even academic institutions, which were early infocomm adopters around 20 to 30 years ago, ironically now seem to be bogged down by daily "fire fighting", people-related issues in transition projects, and unfriendly user interfaces. Even infocomm professionals are still grappling with the confusion over the definition of business analytics and the misconception of big data. Meanwhile, organizations that do not need to worry about migrations and upgrades yet are starting with business-friendly and yet scalable infocomm tools, quickly gaining insights into their businesses and taking appropriate actions.

There are already many ways to design a global business these days, as someone pointed out to me about a multi-level marketing business model. The likes of visual data discovery software will further ease the expansion of medium-sized businesses to the region and beyond.

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