realSociable personalizes sales prospecting

The service helps SMBs prioritize leads based on social signals and other industry developments.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

Marketing automation platforms have made it simpler than ever for small companies to generate a steady flow of prospects, but many SMBs still lack tools to analyze and score them methodically. Enter realSociable, a "perpetual prospecting" platform that aims to help sales teams personalize their outreach based on social signals and other information that is sent to them proactively. It works by monitoring specific activity and alerting the user when certain events are triggered.

"We saw a gap that was widening between sales and marketing, one that made it harder for salespeople to qualify and convert all the leads coming away," said Dalia Asterbadi, CEO of realSociable.

The application, which is available on the Salesforce AppExchange, works by helping sales teams monitor and identify developments related to their leads. It can draw information from both publicly available social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Meetup, as well as through intelligent context-based keyword searches, and blogs. 

For example, if there was a layoff at an existing account that might change the renewal cycle or if a key contact switches jobs, you can be alerted. The idea is to help salespeople avoid faux pas that could reflect negatively on an interaction. On the flip side, if a development justifies a conversation, they'll look more informed when they reach out. "It turns pipelines into relationships," Asterbadi told me when we chatted about the application.

According to realSociable, small companies have experienced a 5 percent uptick in engagement, even when dealing with relatively inactive contacts. It's also reporting a 10 percent conversion in "dead leads," and it figures that it helps eliminate about 10 hours per week that salespeople typically spend researching prospects using traditional manual methods.

realSociable is priced starting at $30 per user, per month. The company won't reveal how many customers it has, but it caters both to small teams and to massive companies: one of its named accounts is Hewlett-Packard.

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