RecycleMatch launches eBay-like market for industrial waste

RecycleMatch.com has launched an online auction house for industrial waste. The company believes that there is a $90 billion market opportunity as supply chain managers strive to reach zero waste.
Written by David Worthington, Contributor

A seller is attempting to match steel scrap with a would-be buyer.

Tons of unwanted commodity materials could be repurposed for a second life outside of the landfill via a new B2B marketplace, which opened today online.

RecycleMatch.com functions as an eBay for industrial waste. Businesses anonymously list volumes of building materials, chemicals, glass, metal, minerals, paper, plastics, textiles, wood -- and even food waste -- to donate or sell.

Just as on eBay, sellers pick the party that offers them the best deal. Buyers are able to ask questions about the materials and request samples if necessary. An escrow service handles the payments.

Today’s listings include an assortment of items including recycled billboards, porcelain scrap, or even sulphate wastewater from the manufacturing of detergents.

“Due to changing customer demands and supply chain mandates by industry leaders, companies are scrambling to reach zero waste. 70 percent of materials that get dumped into landfills can be repurposed, and the RecycleMatch marketplace finds those alternative uses,” CEO Chris Porch said.

“Even commodity recyclables already being diverted benefit from better market exposure and pricing. We’re the first marketplace designed specifically for the needs of large corporations who want control, protection, and trust in the entire process. This is a large and exciting opportunity to help companies reduce costs, strengthen their brands and help the environment,” he continued.

RecycleMatch first launched as a beta last year. The company says that waste diversion represents a $90 billion market opportunity.

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