Red Hat CEO: Open source needs champions

Jim Whitehurst has hailed Google and Red Hat revenue models as bringing success to the open-source community
Written by Victoria Ho, Contributor

The open-source industry needs profitable champions to demonstrate success and attract funding and participation in open source, according to the chief executive of Red Hat.

In an interview with ZDNet UK's sister site, ZDNet Asia, on Wednesday, Jim Whitehurst said revenue models of open-source proponents, such as Red Hat itself and Google, have brought success to the respective companies and allowed them to contribute back to the open-source community. Google relies on ad-based revenue, while Red Hat's runs on a subscription model.

Whitehurst acknowledged that the bulk of Google's revenues are not generated through open-source software, but noted that success from companies active in open source in is still beneficial to the industry.

For full story, see Open source needs successful champions on ZDNet Asia.

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