Red Hat expands Linux offerings for research and academic organizations

Red Hat offers inexpensive deals for Red Hat Enterprise Linux to school and research groups.
Written by Steven Vaughan-Nichols, Senior Contributing Editor

Red Hat is reaching out to new users. And, how better to do that than expanding its reach to schools and research institutions? Of course, Red Hat has been doing this for years, but now the Linux giant and cloud power will offer a low-cost option for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) to non-degree-granting entities. Now, a much broader range of research and academic-related organizations will have access to Red Hat's academic subscription program.

These organizations can use RHEL not just for research or classes, but the whole gamut of Linux uses. For example, your organization can use it for running web servers or a high-performance computing (HPC) environment. 

Why? Because it just makes sense. Red Hat states, "We recognize that academic and research organizations are key members of the open-source community, helping to drive open innovation as well as educating the next generation of IT leaders. We want the rising tide of open source to lift all boats, so to speak, which means that we want to be able to more effectively support all organizations in these areas."

These expanded academic subscriptions are not intended for US government agencies or international government agencies. Red Hat has other programs for their needs. Additionally, commercial HPC deployments are covered under a separate subscription.

Looking ahead, you can expect to see Red Hat offering other inexpensive or even free RHEL packages. Red Hat has already been offering free RHEL to small development teams and non-profit, open-source businesses.

 For more information on this new RHEL academic program or to see if your organization qualifies, if you already have a contract with Red Hat, contact your Red Hat account team. If you don't, drop an e-mail to redhat-academic@redhat.com.

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