Regional role for Wellington City Council platform

Wellington City Council has delayed the release of a tender for a new core council platform to allow other regional councils to climb aboard.
Written by Rob O'Neill, Contributor

Wellington City Council has delayed the release of a tender for a new core IT platform, saying other councils in the region are now interested in participating in the project.

The Council says a complete set of requirements has been defined for what it now calls the Odyssey Programme, but was previously known as the Core Council Application Platform.

An August presentation said the Council wanted to consolidate the number of applications in use down from a current state of 136 applications, 30 of which were considered “core”.

It also wanted to consolidate and integrate data. Currently customer data is spread over 34 systems, asset information over 19, financial data over 18 and property data over 16.

The Council also sought to slash the cost of IT per user from NZ$13,600 to NZ$4000 to $6000.

However, after sharing its information with other councils in the region, Wellington is now inviting them to participate.

“There is already sufficient interest amongst them to warrant us putting a temporary hold on the release of the request for proposals to the supplier market, whilst we work with the other councils to undertake a gap analysis exercise to establish that the gathered requirements also meet their needs.

“Opening the potential of the Odyssey Programme to the wider region will inevitably delay the release of the RFPs into the new year. We will know more regarding timings once we understand the extent of interest in participating from across the region.”

After its information gathering round, the Council decided an integrated system across customer relationship and service management, regulatory management, land and property management, asset management, financial management and human resources management would best meet its objectives.

“This means stand alone point solutions will not be considered. Hence the Council encourages the market to consider a consortium approach if needed.”

The Council added that a separate and concurrent procurement will be undertaken for library systems in order not to delay the core  Council system tender.

The Council intends to release both tenders simultaneously.

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