Report: Blackstone asked Hurd about leading Dell after buyout

Could Mark Hurd be leaving Oracle to run Dell as it goes private? A new report suggests the possibility at least.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Rumors are running rampant about Dell's future this week, and the latest report fueling that fire is that Oracle president Mark Hurd has been approached to lead the PC company.

Bloomberg reported on Wednesday -- based on information from one unnamed source said to be familiar with the matter -- that private equity investment firm Blackstone asked Hurd about his interest, but the firm has not made a definitive offer yet.

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That likely because, as previously reported, Blackstone is said to be mulling a last minute bid to acquire Dell before the deadline for offers is reached at the end of the week.

Blackstone is also reportedly drawing up a list of candidates to run the beleaguered tech giant in the case that the current CEO and company's founder, Michael Dell, doesn't stay -- either because he resigns or is forced out.

To recall, Hurd previously served as CEO of Hewlett-Packard (which, coincidentally, has famously derided Dell's move to revert to a private company) until he resigned in 2010 amid allegations of sexual harassment.

He joined Oracle shortly thereafter.

Neither Hurd nor Blackstone (or Dell for that matter) have commented publicly about the matter.

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