Report: Conficker still biggest threat for businesses

A Microsoft security report has identified the Conficker worm as the biggest cybersecurity threat to businesses, having been detected 200 million times worldwide in the last two and a half years
Written by Ellyne Phneah, Contributor

The Conficker worm is the largest threat to enterprises, and the worm continues to spread mostly due to weak or stolen passwords and vulnerabilities which require security patches, a report reveals.

According to the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report volume 12 (SIRv12), which analyses online threat data and was released on Wednesday, the Conficker worm was detected 220 million times worldwide in the past two and a half years, making it the biggest threat to enterprises. In the fourth quarter alone, the worm had been detected on 1.7 million systems worldwide.

The report analysed online threats from July to December last year, from 600 million systems from more than 100 countries worldwide.

The worm steals administrative passwords, and uses it to log onto every other machine in the network, thereafter compromising those machines. It was first detected in November 2008.

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