Report shows Nokia clearly dominates Windows Phone market share

HTC and Nokia are the two primary players in the Windows Phone market and some recent data from AdDuplex shows Nokia has something like 78 percent while HTC is near 14 percent.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
Report shows Nokia clearly dominates Windows Phone market share

I just read the latest AdDuplex Windows Phone report that contains findings collected from 294 Windows Phone apps and have to say that I am not surprised at all that results show the Nokia clearly dominates the Windows Phone market. Check out the report with some detailed pie charts showing the different pieces of market share.

Results from this data show that Windows Phone 7 still dominates Windows Phone 8, 75 percent to 26 percent. Nokia may have something like 78 percent, HTC nearly 14 percent, Samsung 6 percent and the rest totaling about 2 percent. I think HTC's share is likely higher when comparing Windows Phone 8 only, but Nokia did well with Windows Phone 7 with their fresh new products while others just put Windows Phone into Android bodies. Samsung hasn't really joined the Windows Phone 8 party in the US and their 6 percent share is no surprise.

You may recall that I had a tough time deciding between the Lumia 920 and HTC 8X, but in the end I purchased a red Nokia Lumia 920. The OIS camera, wireless charging, and huge assortment of Nokia apps and services made it pretty clear the Lumia 920 was the best choice and I have been quite happy with my selection.

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