Report: Two new iPhone models coming in September

According to a new report quoting employees at a Chinese supplier.
Written by Andrew Nusca, Contributor
Photo courtesy Apple

People at Hon Hai Precision Industry Company say that it will begin shipping two Apple iPhone models—one premium, one economy—in early September, according to a new report.

The Wall Street Journal's Lorraine Luk and Ian Sherr report that it's all a part of Apple's strategy to "regain momentum." The dominant technology company has never before introduced different iPhone models at the same time.

Sources at suppliers told the reporters that their companies began producing components for the devices in June. The high-end model will have a metal case; the low-end model may not.

Earlier, AllThingsD pegged Apple's planned announcement for September 10, but it's unclear exactly what the plan is. Will Apple introduce them both at once, or stagger them? How does that impact fourth quarter holiday season sales? And what about those crazy rumored colors?

Unsurprisingly, Samsung—which now sells more smartphones than Apple—is planning its own product party on September 4. Rumors suggest the company is preparing a new Galaxy Note "phablet," the phone-tablet hybrid device, and an electronic watch called the "Galaxy Gear."

Three things we're wondering:

  • Can Samsung successfully interrupt Apple's bid for momentum? (Has the twinned event tactic ever worked before?)
  • Apple has made missteps this year. Can it get out of its own way this time?
  • What is the true strategy behind Apple's next moves: attack the sizeable portion of the world's population that aren't holding a smartphone, or merely convincing those who aren't holding Apple smartphones to defect?
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