Report: up to three iPhones per account, but...

That's from digitalnomad's Flickr photostream.So why are we here?
Written by Russell Shaw, Contributor on

That's from digitalnomad's Flickr photostream.

So why are we here?

Well, I know a lot of you readers are skeptical of what store employees tell customers prior to the release of a product. But history shows that sometimes, this information can be correct. Not everyone can keep a secret as well as you and I can, you know.

So take this Saturday exchange between reader howlongtoretire and an AT&T Wireless rep in the Chicago area as a scoop, as an example of guesswork by a sales associate without the facts, etc.

"Basically it went down like this," howlongtoretire writes. By the way, in the following exchange "Me" refers to howlongtoretire, and "Her" to the loose-lipped AT&T Wireless sales associate:

Me: I'll be needing to switch from t mobile next week, and I'll need two iPhones and probably one krazr (means Motorola RAZR)

Her: Well, it's only one phone per customer, per credit card.

Me: So, I'll need to bring my wife and have her buy one? How do we get the three phones all on the same account?

Her: Hm, I'm not sure, I'll go ask (disappears to back room, returns)

Her: OK, it's up to three iPhones on the account, but only one iPhone per named credit card, or you can use cash.

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