Research: 67 percent report budget reduction with IaaS implementation

The latest Tech Pro Research survey delves into the details of IaaS implemention, focusing on staffing, budget, benefits and results.
Written by Teena Maddox, Contributor

The importance of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is evident in the growing number of companies either already implementing, or planning to implement.

Underscoring the strength of IaaS is the responses gathered in each of the last two Tech Pro Research surveys on the topic. The first, in April, detailed what companies were considering when making the move to the cloud. The latest survey, in July, reached out to 124 business and IT professionals worldwide to get their take on expected and actual IaaS benefits.

Download the survey results in the new report: Research: IaaS impact on data center design and staffing.

About 60 percent of respondents were either planning or had already implemented cloud infrastructure services. This tracks with Gartner’s 2013 forecast that IaaS will continue to be the fastest growing market segment as it is expected to increase 18.5 percent in 2013.

Topics covered in the Tech Pro Research survey include:

  • IT staffing changes due to IaaS
  • IT budget impact from IaaS
  • Current and future plans for implementing IaaS
  • Expectations and overall changes made to the data center as a result of IaaS implementation
  • IaaS impact on operational effectiveness
Current and future IaaS plans

The survey delved into the results of IaaS implementation, and whether expected benefits were realized. Interestingly enough, less than one-half of respondents using IaaS expressed positive results after placing their hardware under someone else’s control. Further, expectations of those planning to integrate IaaS into their business processes differ from actual benefits experienced by current subscribers.  

IT staffing was another hot topic in the survey, with only a small minority of companies cutting back on staff as a result of IaaS implementation. Instead, many companies reported that they are shifting IT resources to areas where they add better business value by reassigning IT staff to increase efficiency.

IaaS staffing

Learn more about what IT pros say about their IaaS experience and future plans. Download the report Research: IaaS impact on data center design and staffing. This report is free to all Tech Pro Research subscribers.

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