Research report: A big shift towards DevOps adoption is coming

In a recent survey by Tech Pro Research, 32% of respondents said they've already implemented DevOps. Another 50% said it's coming up for their organization.
Written by Amy Talbott, Contributor

The DevOps approach appeals to companies hoping to break down silos that have traditionally slowed application delivery processes. In February, ZDNet's sister site, Tech Pro Research, surveyed 335 IT professionals to find out just how widespread DevOps is becoming, and what changes companies are experiencing because of it.

The resulting research report, DevOps: Adoption rates, associated hiring and retraining, and outcomes after implementation, contains the outcomes of the survey plus expert analysis. This report, which is available to Tech Pro Research subscribers, will be useful and informative to IT leaders at any stage of investigating or adopting DevOps practices in their organizations.

The infographic below contains some of the big takeaways from the survey, like the effect DevOps is having on retraining and hiring. Fifty-five percent of companies that have adopted DevOps say they've hired new employees as a result, and 77% of these companies say they've retrained current employees for DevOps-related tasks. For a more in-depth explanation of these results and others, download the full report.

Image: Erik Underwood/TechRepublic
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