Residential real-estate manager invests in electric vehicle chargers

Kettler, which manages 20,000 apartments from New York to the Carolinas, sees electric vehicle charging services as an amenity for residents -- as well as a potential income source.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

Kettler, a real-estate management company with more than 20,000 apartments and 82 locations in its portfolio, plans to install electric vehicle charging technology at some of its locations up and down the east coast of the United States.

Under the agreement, Kettler has teamed up with Miami-based Car Charging Group, which is one of the electric vehicle charging services companies. The management company apparently considers electric vehicle charging services to be an amenity that it is worth offering residents.

"Providing our residents and other travelers with a green fueling option is an important step in our sustainability and addition to the other green practices we implement in our properties," said Laurel Howell, Kettler's senior vice president of marketing, in a statement about the arrangement.

Kettler and Car Charging don't say which properties will be targeting for the charging stations, just that they will be select. The service won't be free: the two companies will "share in the proceeds generated by the charging services provided" at the properties.

The technology that will be installed with be Level II equipment, which providers 240 volts at 32 amps in order to refuel batteries quickly. The technology uses the SAE J1772 connector, which means that it can be used by pretty much all the electric vehicles that are available on a mainstream basis in the United States.

Car Charging Group recently raised $2.5 million that will see the company continue its expansion, this time in Europe.

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