Response of the Week: the PC buying minefield

Every Friday we give a Logitech Pilot mouse to the best e-mail we have received. This week the rodent goes to John Gwyther for his comments about the buying minefield.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

"I've worked in the computer industry for nine years and I don't believe there ever been a more complicated situation for PC buyers. Just think: SDRAM, EDO, DIMMs, SIMMs, Rambus, DVD, Zip, Winchester, floppy, LSD-120, Pentium, K5, K6, M1, 6x86... If they truly want to grow the industry, leaders like Microsoft and Intel have a duty to explain the differences between CPUs, memory types and storage media in a much better way than currently. In any other business the situation we have would be unthinkable."

It's certainly true that the PC business asks more of its customers by way of research than any other sector. Resolving the situation may not be so easy however...

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