Restaurant business innovation: Marijuana sauce

What's next - High Fries? Not yet available in Indianapolis.
Written by Mark Halper, Contributor
You're not in Indiana. Amsterdam's Manneken Pis chip shop, named after Brussels' famous "pissing boy" statue, serves weed-flavored mayo.

Food trends can start anywhere. They go a long way toward establishing a place's image (will California ever shake its sprouts?) and reaffirming its identity.

So it comes as no surprise that one of the latest gastronomical innovations - marijuana sauce - comes from Indianapolis.

Just kidding.

You can find the newest condiment for your french fries in Amsterdam of course, the city where hooch is so legal you can puff away in certain coffee shops as if you were downing a Starbucks latte.

The mayonnaise-like spread doesn't contain the active ingredient THC so it won't get you giggly, forgetful, relaxed, paranoid or whatever it is real weed does to you. But some customers will have already achieved that mental state, given that the restaurant that invented it sits across the street from a place called the Grasshopper Cafe.

As MSN reports:

At the Manneken Pis chip shop, owner Albert van Beek has created a mayo spread for his chips (what red-blooded Americans call french fries) that tastes like cannabis, but contains no THC, inspired by the marijuana aroma from the adjacent coffee shop. "It's just about the taste," van Beek said. "We specialize in sauces and we constantly want to diversify."

There's no way of knowing yet whether the dope dip will catch on and sweep across the globe. But it does leave you wondering what the Dutch might serve up next. High Fries anyone?

If you want to put this subject in your pipe and smoke it some more, watch this one-minute YouTube clip:

Top photo is a screen grab from tripadvisor. YouTube video via GeoBeatsNews.

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