Revel extends tablet POS into stadium concession segment

An installation for the Alabama State University Hornets represents the latest vertical market for the iPad-based point-of-sale solution.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor
Revel Systems has launched an iPad POS for ASU Football Stadium for the Alabama Hornets.

The showcase installation for Revel Systems' latest vertical market segment, sports concessions, is for a big company, but it represents yet another way that the company's tablet-based solution is rewriting the rules for small-business point-of-sale systems.

Revel's technology has been deployed at Alabama State University's new Hornets football stadium, which opened on August 31 for the first game of the season. During the game, the concession operator, Gourmet Services, rang up 5,721 transactions across roughly 30 terminals within about three hours. Not only is that a much faster clip than usual, but Gourmet Services was able to quickly assess its inventory for the next game through reports run on computers or smartphones, said the company's executive vice president, Alfred Baker.

"In just 30 minutes, we had all of our staff trained on the the POS," said Baker, in a statement. "Best of all, we are saving a minimum of five hours a week on inventory."

To customize its POS for concession environments, Revel streamlined the order screen so that items can be entered more quickly, saving a few seconds per customer transaction. The inventory reports referenced by Baker can be run in close to real time, to help operators prepare for events. There's an offline mode, in case the internet or the power goes out.

Given the ease with which Revel's system can be deployed, it's easy to see how smaller arenas and sports venues in communities all over the United States could likewise benefit. It hasn't talked about pricing for the solution, but a similar option for food trucks is priced at around $2,000.

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