Review: iHome iP4 boombox (Verdict: retro chic)

The iP4 boombox like a badass throwback to the 80's, except modernized with iPod and iPhone support so that you don't have to fast-forward and rewind.
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor

I found my summer boombox and it's called the iP4 from iHome.

The iP4 ($199) works with the iPhone and iPod and looks like a badass relic from the 80's with surprisingly good bass response. But I have to confess that I mostly dig it because it's old-school, retro chic. The iP4 comes in either dark gray or pink and is a total throwback to the 80's. It brings back fond memories of my old JVC boombox, which ran on something like 16 D-cell batteries. And, well, breakdancing.

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The iP4 features two 4-inch carbon composite woofers and two 1-inch ferro fluid cooled tweeters which sound surprisingly good thanks to its SRS TruBass DSP technology and a five band EQ. When your tunes aren't quite doing it you can go retro with the built-in FM radio tuner and an auxiliary line-in jack allows you to pipe out just about any source. In addition to the included AC adapter it operates on 6 D batteries so that you can bring the party with you.

When I’m home I love a big chunky boombox (like the iP4) that’s loud and runs off AC power. The remote control is a nice touch that pays dividends when a bad song comes on, and it stores conveniently in a recessed groove in the top of the unit. The iP4 could be improved with FM presets and dials that turn a little more easily but overall it sounds great and will definitely be fixture on my garage workbench and at plenty of backyard BBQs this summer.

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