Review of the Week, January 27-31

On Monday, MSN passed 100,000 UK users. Microsoft is at its most impressive when it is clawing back market share. Now it wants to be "within spitting distance" of the leaders by the end of 1997. Who can doubt its ability to succeed?
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

Tuesday's continuing reports of a Korean government decree to memory makers send RAM prices spiralling again. It's almost impossible to discover whether the rises are caused by fear or hard economics but at least this time most PC vendors bought ahead so the effects should 't be so sharp.

The same day, Microsoft gives the most fleeting of glimpses into the future of IE 4.0 and the Active Desktop. Wallpaper will never be dull again.

Wednesday, Siemens Nixdorf - of all people - are first with a NetPC announcement.

Thursday, and, fresh from being named as the world's leading PC vendor again, Compaq says it plans to make LCDs ubiquitous on the desktop.

Friday: Samsung wants to buy AST and make Korea a real force in personal computers.

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