Review of Windows Phone 7 includes 70 screenshots

Detailed reviews of Windows Phone 7 are rolling out now on a regular basis as the devices roll out around the world. Next week when we see them appear in the U.S. I am sure we will see even more appear.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

We are starting to see more and more Windows Phone 7 reviews appear online as the devices work through the media (here are some of my thoughts on a couple pieces of hardware) and are available in countries outside the U.S. My good friend Remo Knops posted an excellent five page review with 70 screenshots (I am still trying to find out how in the world he captured them) over on Mobility Minded.

Remo broke the review up into sections similar to a few chapters in my upcoming Windows Phone 7 Companion book, including the lock screen, six hubs, other core features, settings, and other thoughts. Similar to his experiences, I have found Windows Phone 7 to be extremely stable in both the Technical Preview phase and in the final retail release candidate. Remo likes Windows Phone 7 and as I spend the last couple of days on the road in DC with the HTC Surround I am finding I too am really liking Windows Phone 7 and am planning to buy the HTC HD7 next week.

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Most articles and reviews are quite positive about Windows Phone 7 and even the critical ones acknowledge that Microsoft created a unique user interface that will appeal to many. Remember, this is a 1.0 product too and if you look at Windows Phone 7 as the new operating system it is, then you can see it is pretty amazing compared to 1.0 versions of iOS and Android.

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