Review: twelvesouth BookArc for iPad

Twelvesouth's BookArc stands are a nice solution for docking the iPad on a desk or nightstand.
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor

I began using the twelvesouth BookArc for MacBook ($50) as a way to store errant MacBooks up and out of the way of small hands when they're not in use. Stowing our MacBooks up high is part of my evening routine and it helps prevent having my keys removed by curious little fingers (that sometimes wake up before Daddy.) Readers with small kids will be able to relate.

Although BookArcs can be used with the MacBook running (lid closed) -- allowing you get get more video processing muscle in the process -- I tend to use mine mostly for storage. Since I have two, I found myself using my second MacBook BookArc for my iPad at nighttime, until I discovered that twelvesouth also make a version for the iPad ($40, free shipping for a limited time).

Twelvesouth's BookArc stands are the perfect fit for the iPad, allowing it to sit in either landscape or portrait mode (unlike the $29 Apple dock) without obscuring the screen. A second rubber gasket is included for users that keep the iPad in a case. BookArcs are excellent for both the desk and the nightstand and are beautifully unobtrusive.

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