RightScale survey points toward preference for 'multi-cloud' deployments

RightScale has also unveiled a "Cloud Maturity Model," an analysis and segmentation of companies based on their degrees of cloud adoption.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Many enterprises are veering towards multi-cloud model deployments amid a broad range of public and private cloud options, according to a new report from RightScale.

The cloud management provider reported that 77 percent of larger organizations favor the multi-cloud route versus 47 percent interested in hybrid schemes.

For its second annual "State of the Cloud" survey, RightScale surveyed 625 IT decision makers during Q1 across various industries from finance to education about their cloud strategies -- especially in regards to how they are utilizing the cloud to run business-critical applications.

To better convey the results, RightScale outlined the findings through a "Cloud Maturity Model," which is described as an analysis and segmentation of companies based on their varying degrees of cloud adoption.

Here's how that breaks down:

  • 26 percent: Cloud Beginners (New to cloud computing and working on proof-of-concepts or first projects)
  • 26 percent: Cloud Focused (Heavily using the cloud as a strategy to improve business)
  • 23 percent: Cloud Explorers (Implemented some cloud projects and are running apps in the cloud)
  • 17 percent: Cloud Watchers (Still developing cloud strategies and plans but have not yet implemented them)

What might be the most surprising at this point in time is that there is still a remaining eight percent that asserted they are not planning to use the cloud for IT purposes at all.

Part of the stall there might be due to costs.

Researchers found that larger enterprises with more than 1,000 employees are slightly to have at least some level of cloud adoption (77 percent) versus smaller companies (73 percent).

The full RightScale 2013 State of the Cloud report is available online now.

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