RIM delays BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 update until Feb 2012

RIM needs good news to keep people excited about the PlayBook tablet and delaying the OS 2.0 update until at least February 2012 is not going to help.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I was an early adopter of the RIM BlackBerry PlayBook and even wrote a book on it for Wiley. I have since moved on from BlackBerry devices and this latest news on the PlayBook is downright depressing. RIM posted that the OS 2.0 update won't be released until February 2012.

The PlayBook had a TON of promise when it was released with advertised support for several development platforms, including Android. They never launched with a stand-alone email client and promised it was coming. However, all of this is in OS 2.0 and many of us that own, or owned, the PlayBook we thought we would see this update before the end of the summer or at least by the time of the most recent BlackBerry DevCon.

It's really sad to see the PlayBook update getting delayed this long to where it will be nearly a year after launch before 2.0 hits. I imagine plenty of people that were holding out for the update are going to just give up and not wait at least four more months, unless it gets delayed again. We will probably see more fire sales of the PlayBook coming from retailers given this latest news.

What is your plan for your PlayBook? Are you going to wait or just get an iPad like everyone else?

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