RIM signs up partners for business 'super apps'

Oracle, IBM and SAP have signed up for Research In Motion's Beam application development platform, to incorporate BlackBerry's features into their enterprise software
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Research In Motion has launched a middleware and an application development platform designed to build 'super apps' for enterprise.

The handset maker previewed BlackBerry Enterprise Application Middleware (Beam) at its developer conference in San Francisco on Monday. It has partnered with IBM, Oracle and SAP to develop mobile enterprise apps.

The Beam platform will include APIs, libraries and server software for enterprise developers. These tools will make it easy to push data and alerts, transfer files efficiently and query a BlackBerry for geo-location, presence, camera, device types and other data. In addition, Beam will make it easier for RIM applications to work with IBM WebSphere, Oracle Fusion and SAP Sybase's mobile platforms.

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