RIM to build cheaper BlackBerrys to claw back marketshare

Less than a month after the news Apple would bring out cheaper, entry-level iPhones, Research in Motion may be doing the same thing.
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor

Only three weeks ago, it was put forward that Apple would be making cheaper iPhones to flood the emerging market with its handsets to maintain its share in the lucrative smartphone market.

It seems Research in Motion may well be trying the same thing, according to one report.

One of the major suppliers to Research in Motion, who manufacturers and builds the BlackBerry smartphones, say that 'significant resources' are being shifted into "entry level smartphones", designed to undercut rival marketshare partners.

This would not come too much as a surprise considering Apple's position change a few weeks ago.

It comes with the news that Android has taken over as the most used mobile operating system that BlackBerry OS once held, holding 15.2% over Research in Motion's flagship software which is at 14.5%.

Plus, the deal between Nokia and Microsoft to offer up Windows Phone 7 software on future Nokia devices could mean other device manufacturers are struggling to maintain their share in the market during uncertain times.

However, it could be questioned whether Research in Motion needs to cheapen its devices, with many BlackBerrys offered on the market with inclusive contract deals below $50.

Perhaps the BlackBerry manufacturer should consider focusing their efforts on easing the contracts on offer with the networks, to ensure the most people got the very best service and plans possible, with the devices they want to own?

I wonder if AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and Research in Motion have ever heard of 'utilitarianism': the greatest happiness for the greatest number. Listen to the people, folks; give them what they want.

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