Rimini Street moves to support SAP HANA

Third party maintenance and support is coming to SAP's HANA database in a move that can boost adoption and/or ding SAP's profit margins.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Rimini Street, which provides third party support for SAP and Oracle applications, said it will launch services to cover SAP's HANA database as well as related components.

SAP is kicking off its Sapphire customer powwow on this week. For Rimini, which has been dueling with Oracle in court, the move highlights how the third party support vendor can move up to the latest applications.

According to Rimini, its SAP support business had 30 percent revenue for the year ending March 31. Rimini has support services for 12 SAP and Oracle product lines.

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For SAP, HANA is the primary growth driver for its applications. SAP HANA is an in-memory database that's used for analytics. HAHA is tied to SAP Business Warehouse, ERP and analytics applications. Rimini said it will support them all.

Rimini's plan is to offer HANA-certified engineers to support for HANA, including tuning, securing and ensuring interoperability. Given HANA is one of SAP's flagship products, Rimini's move to offer support costs at a 50 percent lower cost could hurt the enterprise software giant.


On the other hand, Rimini's ability to cut maintenance and support costs could bolster SAP's HANA adoption in the customer base. Rimini has supported Oracle's database since 2011.

Rimini could see a boon if it can consolidate support for Oracle's database and HANA. Enterprises are likely to have both and Rimini could consolidate support contracts to land larger deals.

Rimini's HANA support includes:

  • HANA Database
  • HANA Studio
  • HANA Client
  • HANA Host Agent
  • HANA Information Composer
  • HANA Advanced Data Processing
  • HANA Spatial
  • LT Replication AddOn
  • LT Replication Server
  • SAP BusinessObjects Data Services
  • HANA XS Engine
  • HANA XS Advanced Runtime
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