RIP Dell Axim handheld lineup

Dell brought price competition to the PDA market 4 years ago and helped bring some innovation to the market at an affordable cost to the consumer. Most mobile devices today have phone integration and more and more are doing away with a touch-screen interface so Dell decided to end the Axim PDA line with the final product being the Axim X51v. It was a great 4 years and I personally am very happy to have lived through a period with Dell competing and holding others feet to the fire in the PDA market.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

There has been speculation and rumors of the end of the Dell Axim PDA line for several months now and just this week the Dell Axims disappeared from the Dell website. I wanted to get official confirmation in regards to the status and now see that we have it as posted in full detail on Mobility Site. As stated by Lionel Menchaca, Digital Media Manager at Dell:

In addition to recent coverage by blogs like Engadget, jkOnTheRun and others, I’ve gotten a few e-mails and a comment from Direct2Dell reader David H. Deans who’ve asked me to confirm whether we’ve discontinued the Axim line or not. The answer is yes, we have.
Axim X51v

Chris Leckness runs the largest Dell Axim enthusiast site called Aximsite and I am sure people there are a bit saddened by the news. I still have a Dell Axim X51v and think it is the best stand-alone PDA (no phone functionality) that was ever on the market and it will continue to be a great device for many people for several years. Dell stated they will still support the devices that have already been sold, per the terms in the purchase agreements and warranty. Accessories and cables will be available for a couple years too so if you have an Axim don't go throw it away or anything. Aximsite is an extremely valuable resource and I am sure Chris will keep the information around for years to come so you can always get help with any issues you may have with your device.

Thanks for 4 great years Dell and maybe we'll see you in the phone-enabled market soon.

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