RIP unlimited data: Tiered data plans coming to Verizon July 7th

The unlimited data plan continues its death march as Verizon prepares to introduce a set of tiered data plans. Heavy data users should run for the hills now.
Written by Ricardo Bilton, Contributor

Well, the news is finally here: Verizon will join the tiered data plan bandwagon next month.

According to DroidLife, Verizon will introduce the new plans starting on July 7th, the day after its 4G hotspot promo ends.

For $30 a month, customers will get 2GB of data, a clear pay-more-for-less deal in comparison to the unlimited deal it offers to new iPhone customers.  5GB and 10 GB plans wil go for $50 and $80, respectively. Verizon will also offer tethering plans, which cost $20 per extra 2GB. In all, the rates are a tad bit higher than the equivalent plans offered by AT&T.

Thankfully, subscribers currently under contract won't be affected by the changes just yet, as they are only aimed at new subscribers and contract renewals. There is no word on what Verizon plans on doing with its current unlimited subscribers, though it's likely the company will just force them to move to the new plans.
Of course, the news isn't exactly a surprise. Verizon CEO Fran Shammo teased last month that the changes would be coming, and would mostly be aimed at heavy data users.
So, heavy data users, how irked are you by the changes? Are they enough to send you over the edge and into Sprint or T-Mobile's welcoming and more-affordable arms?
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