Rising dollar affects PC sales in Brazil

Second quarter figures are lower than 2012 but segment grows in revenue
Written by Angelica Mari, Contributing Writer


The second quarter of 2013 has seen a downward trend in personal computer sales in Brazil - at 3.6 million units sold, this is a 10 percent drop on the same period last year.

According to analyst IDC, the contraction is mainly due to the rising US dollar against the Brazilian real: the average price of PCs in the same period in 2012 was R$ 1,412 ($622), compared to R$ 1,580 ($696) this year, so a 12 percent average increase.

However, the price hike has meant that revenues within the segment have reached R$5.7mi ($2.5mi) - 1.2 percent above the second quarter of 2012.

The analyst house added that the rise in the US dollar - which rose further in the second quarter and will tend to remain high - also influences the increase in equipment prices,since even products manufactured in the country use many imported components.

As a result of the fluctuation of the dollar, the corporate market has seen the largest decrease in PC purchasing - 15 percent, while the consumer segment had a 7 percent drop.

"In Brazil , the PC market already has a very large installed base, thus its growth rate is stabilized. We should not expect growth rates to be as large as we have seen in the past," says IDC analyst Pedro Hagge.

"Consumers are more demanding and the trend is for better opportunities in the equipment with more unique features as those seeking lower prices have other alternatives - devices such as tablets and smartphones," the analyst adds.

Meanwhile, tablet sales continue to soar in Brazil, particularly low-cost devices with a price tage of R$300 ($132) or less.



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