Riverbed intros new cloud storage appliance for larger data backup workloads

Riverbed upgrades its cloud storage gateway operating system for up to 50 percent better performance rates.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Riverbed has announced a new version of its operating system for Whitewater cloud storage gateway appliances as well as a new model designed for handling larger backup data workloads.

Built to deliver enterprise-grade performance, users with appliances running version 2.0 of the Whitewater Operating System (WWOS) should see improvements around scalability and simplified management.

The latest version of the platform is supposed to better meet critical backup requirements while aiming to overcome any challenges presented by growth of large amounts of data.

Some of the new features incorporated in WWOS 2.0 include:

  • Support up to 32 TB of deduplicated local storage and 160 TB of deduplicated cloud storage
  • Up to 50 percent improvement for data ingest performance
  • Integration with existing Windows Active Directory policies and deployments
  • A new management dashboard with real-time monitoring and advanced reporting for monitoring cloud backup processes
  • Remote management for rebooting, shutting down and managing one or more appliances

Thus, the new Whitewater model 3010 appliance also being unveiled on Monday is touted to offer four times more local disk storage capacity and twice the amount of RAM than previous Riverbed cloud storage gateway appliances.

With larger-scale enterprise customers in mind, Whitewater 3010 is supposed to offer customers with better data protection as well as the opportunity to implement low cost backup storage tiers at pay-for-use cloud storage rates.

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