Rocky Mountain Institute planning a revolution

Rocky Mountain Institute wants revolution in energy industry.
Written by Harry Fuller, Contributor

"Modern society is built from fossil fuels. They are the root source of our society’s wealth and power. But as their rising costs to our security, wallets, and habitat become ever more intolerable, we see one system dying and another struggling to be born. The inflection point at this moment in history is both evolutionary and revolutionary."

That is just part of the email from the Rocky Mountain Intsititute (RMI). They say right on their website they want to free the planet from fossil fuels. Not one of their trustees is from coal, oil or natural gas industry, or even a chemical company. None from Saudi Arabia, Canada....

The RMI email goes on "Reinventing Fire will require tapping, in particular, the two biggest motherlodes of energy, efficiency and the Sun. Efficient use is generally the largest, least expensive, most benign, most quickly deployable, least visible, least understood, and most neglected opportunity in the whole economy. Efficiency can save half of U.S. oil and gas at about a fifth of their current price, and probably three-fourths of U.S. electricity at about an eighth of its price. RMI is speeding the expansion and capture of this vast “efficiency resource” by showing, in our 10xE (Factor Ten Engineering) project, how whole-system design integration can often make very large (sometimes even tenfold) energy savings cost less than small or no savings."

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