Roll your suitcase, charge your phone

Since our gadgets' batteries die most often when we're on the road, wouldn't it be nice if all the running we did in airports could be put to some use?
Written by Laura Shin, Contributor

We've all experienced the sinking feeling that comes from realizing you're sorely in need of some battery power -- and you have no way of getting any in the near future.

It seems to happen especially often when we are traveling and not in our regular routine with its regular charging stops.

And that's probably how designer Jung Inyoung got the idea for a suitcase that gets a charge when you roll it.

Shown above, the hard-shell suitcase has a big gear on the outside wheel and a smaller one inside. As you walk (or run) those endless airport terminal halls, they gather and store kinetic energy in a charge battery. When your devices are on their last legs, you can get a boost by hooking them up to a portable battery on top, which draws power from the charge battery. An LED light display shows you how much power you've accrued.

The suitcase probably wouldn't fully charge a device, but it would give you an extra boost when you can't find an outlet.

As I've said before, wouldn't it be nice if everyday objects could gather and juice up our gadgets? (Like the solar-powered bikini, or the cell phone that gets a charge when you type on it.)

Unfortunately, this suitcase doesn't look like it will come to market any time soon.

What other kinds of objects do you wish could gather energy and power up your gadgets?

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photo: Yanko Design

via: CNET, Yanko Design

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