Rook launches the first home drone that you can fly from anywhere in the world

A Chicago tech start-up has introduced the first drone for the home that can be controlled remotely from anywhere. Users can tap into a live feed to monitor home or office from their smartphone.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

Chicago tech start-up, Eighty Nine robotics, is launching the first drone for the home that can be controlled remotely.

Rook launches the first home drone that you can fly from anywhere in the world ZDNet

The Rook drone, was created by Eighty Nine Robotics, a robotics start-up based out of Northwestern University's incubator program.

The engineers noticed that all current drones on the market require you to be nearby to control them. They would not connect once you stepped out of range.

The team claims that Rook is the first consumer drone that connects to the internet. This allows you to remotely control the drone from your office, the gym, or anywhere else in the world at any time

By connecting Rook to a home Wi-Fi network, users can control Rook and view its video stream with their iOS or Android app on their smartphone.

The company launched the product on Indiegogo, and surpassed its funding goal two days after launch. Its campaign has now raised almost $58,000.

The drone is fitted with an HD camera, sensing device and can become a monitor or camera which tours your home. The team wants the Rook to become your home assistant, called upon from anywhere in the world.

Uses for the indoor drone include a flying security camera, checking on your family or checking what your dog gets up to when you leave the house.

You can check whether you have forgot to turn off the stove - or whether you have left your wallet at home.

You can even show your friends a virtual fly around of your house.

To start drone flight, download the app, add your Wi-Fi password.

Fly Rook using the smartphone app, tapping and swiping to control the device.

Fly the drone back to its base station to wirelessly charge it. The Rook currently is not fitted with auto-return functionality.

The team is planning other ideas in the future, such as voice flight control and running flight routines from your phone.

The drone is not fitted with a microphone meaning sound detection is not currently possible.

The company is planning to release motion detection services and other security algorithms, for which you can configure smartphone alerts.

It is also planning to release Rook in different colour options.

The team says that it is working 'very hard to reduce the latency for cloud throughput', so that users will experience a 'safe flight in near real-time'.

Rook is a cool new drone with the potential to monitor your home when you are out - and keep the dog entertained by its flying antics too.

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